-Fortunate Discoveries by Chance-

Serendipity 3‪ opened its doors in 1954 in the heart of New York City. It was a time of unrequited love. Its founders, Stephen Bruce, Calvin Holt and Patch Carradine, met at a dance class and forged a bond. They pooled their entire fortunes of three hundred dollars and staked claim to a tiny principality in the basement of a building on East Fifty-Eighth Street. There they opened New York's first coffee house boutique.

A New York Times crossword puzzle provided the name that would change their lives. Serendipity.

"ser-en-dip-i-ty (n) the art of making happy discoveries, or finding the unexpectedly pleasant by chance"

Whitewashed walls clad with church medallions, giant clocks, and nineteenth century junk surrounded four tiffany-lamp-shade lit tables, sixteen chairs, and a towering espresso machine. In no time, patrons were spilling out of the building, as stars, artists, photographers and the city’s avant-garde flocked to Serendipity 3. A line formed nightly, stretching around the block.

The Serendipity trio lost no time learning how to cook, design, whip and blend the Frrrozen Hot Chocolates they are known for. Each one contained a special blend of fourteen different chocolates offering a subtle richness, a creamy and dreamy chocolate flavor that transported guests to the simpler times of childhood. The restaurant grew, and began to offer an eclectic menu of American favorites and international classics, both in generous-sized portions, designed to be shared.

Serendipity 3‪ has received recognition and accolades for its over-the-top outrageous desserts from the famed Serendipity 3 Treasure chest to the Golden Opulence Sundae, hailed as the world’s most expensive sundae by the Guinness Book of World Records. ZAGATs, the acclaimed American Restaurant Guide, names the restaurant a "Legendary Dessert Destination."

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